Communicate In Print

Communicate In Print 2.80

Desktop publishing program for creating symbol-supported resources for printing
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Desktop publishing program for creating symbol-supported resources for printing. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to make accessible materials for their school, home, business or community.

It is supplied with the full Widgit Symbol set, which has been developed to give emerging, struggling or non-readers access to information. The symbols,
along with the powerful features and freedom of layout of desktop publishing, help to create materials that have a professional look, whilst being completely accessible.

Main Features:
- The Widgit Symbol set in colour and black & white
- Print in any size, ready-to-fold books
or single sheets
- Over 1,500 coloured pictures to build up illustrations
- Fully flexible layout with guides, rulers and
- Easily import digital images and scanned pictures
- Write in plain text or symbols with all the
functionality of a desktop publisher
- Add speech bubbles and frames
- Copy and paste to and from other applications
(Ctrl Alt C and Ctrl Alt V)
- Create tables for timetables and activity sheets
- Network friendly - XP and Vista compatible
- Free symbol updates provide the fullest
Widgit Symbol set available
- Customise your symbol support with wordlists

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